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Songer Pro

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One of the main problems that vocalists have is their choice of backing track playback device.This tends to be either Minidisc or Laptop, both of which work very well but have one majordrawback, which tends to be the delay caused by selecting tracks for each set. With the Minidiscthis usually results in a multitude of discs which have to be swopped for each chosen track andthe Laptop which is normally located away from the microphone stand/front line and althoughhas the ability to store all the tracks in one place this normally results in awkward breaks between songs looking for the next track to select!As a performer myself I have experienced all the above so decided to look for a mobile app whichI could use on my Phone/Tablet which could easily be attached to my microphone stand or other suitable device. After searching for quite a while I discovered the apps available were either toosimple and restrictive or far too complicated to use in a live situation (not to mention pricey!).
So, being a bit of a computer geek in my spare time I decided to have a go at creating an appwhich would suit my requirements and so was born 'Songer'.
The result was an app which contains all my backing tracks (stored on the devices SD card) all of which can be easily stored into given set list names and retrieved very quickly during use.The app quickly developed into a more sophisticated programme enabling the choice to removetracks from view after they have played, re-arrange the playing order of the set lists and to managethe storage of the created set lists (which do tend to mount up after a while)!